Bjørn most closely resembles a bear. However, they most certainly are not ordinary bears. Their powerful claws and strong body makes them excel most in melee-combat.

Big and strong is what best describes Bjørn best. So it is no surprise that they can take a couple punches, no problem. While Bjørn suffers at longer ranged combat, they do have some tricks up their… fur?

portrait of a vera


Madhattr might look like they belong to an old wise person, however, they are quite wise themselves. Being a range-focused Vera, they gain the upper hand by keeping their distance and damaging their opponents from afar.

Madhattr may be small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in mobility with their teleport. Blasting their opponents from afar is their biggest strength. Hats off to this fellow.

portrait of a vera


Húshroom are rather solitary creatures, living most of their life partly underground. With only their cap visible, Húshroom can disguise themselves as a large mushroom, allowing them to hide in plain sight.

This quirky Vera is not a powerhouse but relies on area control and damage over time to outmatch their opponent. Using zoning attacks in combination with defensive capabilities, the Húshroom can make quick work of any Vera.

portrait of a vera