Genesis NFT

What are Genesis NFTs

This rare set consist of Ruby, Diamond, Silver and Bronze varieties, with Ruby and Diamond sharing the highest possible tier in terms of utility. Holding a genesis NFT you access to presales, discounts early game access and much more with in the ecosystem. These NFTs will play a major role in the up coming play to earn Valhalla game as well as gain advantages right across the whole ecosystem.


These give holders access to the highest tier of utility available.


These give holders access to almost all of the utility available.


These give holders access to some of the utility available.


These give holders access to a few of the utility available.

What to Expect

Each of these NFTs will gain unique advantages within Valhalla, they also have a chance to possess unique hidden traits and clarity.

  • Clarity - (Purpose yet to be know)
  • Long Ship (Trait X) = this trait gives holders access to a specialised long ship within Valhalla. The advantages of these special long ships are yet to be released.
  • Trait Y - This trait’s in-game utility was described as the “capitalistic trait” with it providing an in-game discount at B’s shop. This trait is amplified by the NFT clarity, giving the Y trait owners upt to a possible 5% discount on all items in store.
  • Trait Z - (Purpose yet to be know)
  • Treasure Trait - (Purpose yet to be know)