New Vera

Introducing Klautjásar

Published 11 April, 2023

Greetings Vikings,

We are thrilled to introduce you to a charming new addition to our world: Klautjásar! Known for their amicable and oblivious nature, these captivating Veras possess the unique ability to create and control local storms, making them both delightful companions and formidable allies on the battlefield. As you embark on new adventures with Klautjásar, beware of its unpredictable powers, for even the friendliest storm can take a dangerous turn.

Here's a glimpse of Klautjásar's abilities:

Stormy Puff: Command the skies by spawning a Stormy Puff in any chosen tile within a 2-tile radius. Watch as it moves 1 tile per turn in a hexagonal pattern, charming your enemies for 10 turns, or until it makes contact with an enemy or the edge of the map. With the power to command up to 4 Stormy Puffs simultaneously, Klautjásar's friendly nature belies its potential for chaos!

Star Struck: Unleash a dazzling display of celestial might upon your foes! Select a tile in a 2-range radius and deal damage to any enemy Vera standing on it. With the power of the stars at your fingertips, even the most oblivious Klautjásar can become a force to be reckoned with.

Forecast: Shape the winds and change the direction of a single Stormy Puff on the map. This ability requires at least one active Stormy Puff, allowing you to manipulate its course and surprise your opponents with Klautjásar's playful nature.

Slumber Dust: Spread Klautjásar's infectious cheer with the Slumber Dust ability. Launch this whimsical attack in a selected direction, affecting all tiles in a straight line until it hits an enemy or the edge of the map. Enemy Veras struck by Slumber Dust will fall asleep for 1 turn after 1 turn, leaving them vulnerable to a starry surprise!

Though Klautjásar is known for its friendly demeanor, its power to summon storms and unleash celestial fury presents a significant challenge for any Vera attempting to approach it. Remember to keep your guard up, for even the gentlest Klautjásar can catch you off guard with a collapsing star if you fall asleep nearby!

Travel through the Easter Island to find out how to befriend this endearing Vera and get ready to embrace the unpredictable charm of Klautjásar.

May the winds of friendship and victory guide you in your journey, brave warriors of Valhalla!

Please feel free to communicate with us about any issues or bugs you encounter through our community’s discord:

Dive into the action and enjoy all the fantastic new features this patch brings to Valhalla. Until next time!

The Valhalla Team