New Vera

Bigghaer release

Published 11 April, 2023


Get ready to embrace the fascinating blend of wisdom, cuteness, and Viking might in the world of Valhalla - introducing Bigghaer! These chubby creatures may appear unassuming, but don't be fooled by their looks. As some of the most ancient Veras, Bigghaers have gained extensive knowledge and experience over the years, making them formidable strategic allies in battle. Though cautious by nature, they become quick, agile, and ruthless when needed. Equipped with their magical hammer and a rumored ability to hear your next steps, Bigghaers are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Delve into Bigghaer's unique abilities:

Frantic Force: Unleash Bigghaer's untamed power and turn unstoppable, swiftly moving 3 tiles in a straight line. The Vera stops at the edge of the map, regardless of how many tiles it has already moved. The amount of damage inflicted upon enemy Veras upon collision depends on which tile they occupy when Bigghaer strikes.

Spirit Shroud: Protect yourself with the mystical Spirit Shroud, an automatic cast ability that affects both Bigghaer and the enemy Vera. When activated, Bigghaer becomes invulnerable for the turn and applies a curse debuff on the enemy Vera.

Augury: Foresee your enemy's actions by casting Augury, targeting the enemy Vera and applying the pressured status effect on them. Activating this ability also grants insight, revealing the enemy's confirmed action during the next pick phase.

Hammer of Returning: Unleash the power of Bigghaer's magical hammer, creating an ability object that follows the path of 3 selected tiles on the turn it is spawned. The object remains on the last tile of the path until the following turn, finding the shortest path back to Bigghaer afterward. Enemy Veras in the object's path take damage, but the collision does not destroy the ability object. Beware, for the ability object can be destroyed by map shrinking.

Don't let their fluffy exterior deceive you; Bigghaers are wise and powerful Veras that can turn the tide of any battle. Keep an eye out on the Easter Island for more information on how to acquire this ancient and enchanting Vera, and get ready to experience Bigghaer's unparalleled strategic prowess!

May fortune and strategy guide you in your journey, brave warriors of Valhalla!

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Dive into the action and enjoy all the fantastic new features this patch brings to Valhalla. Until next time!

The Valhalla Team