Patch Notes

Patch Notes 0.9.0 - Coming of Age: Populous

Published 3 March, 2023

Greetings Vikings, we are very excited to announce this patch. We have included many new updates for you to enjoy. Also, we've optimized a bunch of current features to improve your experience in Valhalla.

Adjusted the colliders

The fun of adventures is the journey! We reduced the chance of players getting stuck by filling up holes and opening up the invisible walls, making it less stressful to move around Valhalla.

Intro updates

The intro has been updated to include new information. A unique backstory based on the answers given in the questionnaire has been added to the onboarding process. The professor who saves you from the ocean and brings you to the island now gives you a fascinating introduction.

Less math!

Not all Vikings want to calculate from memory how much exp or elo they have earned after each match. Valhalla will calculate this for you. A small display will show you the amount you have gained or lost.

No more persistent dialogs

Vikings were having an issue with dialogs following them into the arsenal selection causing them to be unable to proceed with the battle. We have caught this pop-up. It will no longer follow the players into battle.

Characters are evolving!

Some Vikings may have experienced hair growth on their faces. Log in to find out!

Interface Updates

For convenience and simplicity, we have adjusted the interface in a variety of locations in Valhalla. During combat, the Vera level is shown clearer and in a different location. In the open world, the usernames’ font has been updated to match Valhalla’s aesthetic. Lastly, the Vera selection screen will now show the opponent's level when hovering over their name.

Bjørn Trap bug

The trap was so powerful that it would trap the players from playing the game. We decided to remove this “feature” and allow players to continue the game while placing traps around the map.

Refactored and optimized networking

Vikings can now rejoice knowing that the servers can now handle even more of them. Furthermore, bandwidth usage has been reduced to help lighten the internet traffic load.

Combat separation

To raise the quality of the open world, we have separated both PvP (against fellow Vikings) and PvE (against wild Veras) combat from that game client. This means more space for better things on both sides.

Release the NPCs!

With free space in the Open World, we can now include the NPCs that will communicate and give you hints through-out the open world.

A visual update on trees

It was time for a change with the trees! The trees have been visually updated to complement the environment and satisfy the Veras.

Fixed movement button bugs

Now selecting the movement button as the first action when going through the intro battle will highlight the tiles on the map. Also, the movement button works on the first selection after selecting the amulet.

Console clean-up

We removed the many error messages from “Fmod” to clean up the console and avoid confusion.

Intro screen sync fix

Through certain steps, the player could disrupt the audio of the title screen. We implemented a feature to avoid this situation and always have the audio synced.

That's it for today! Please feel free to communicate with us about any issues or bugs you encounter through our community’s discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla Team