Patch Notes

Patch Notes 0.8.0 - Happy Valentine's Day

Published 14 February, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day Vikings! We're here to celebrate our love for you with a new patch. Some of you might have already gotten a sneak peek during our burn event.

The shifting of worlds: hello metaverse

Our datacenters across the world are now linked to each other. Everyone will now be visible in the same open world.


All Vikings are dear to us, and thus we would like to know you all. You can now set a username via the Journal (by pressing the <J> key). That makes it easier to distinguish everyone walking around! This feature has a cooldown period of 24 hours.


Vikings can now express their joy through the art of dancing. In addition, you can now wave at fellow Vikings. These actions can be performed by pressing the <1> and <2> keys.

Slingshot movement fix for Chrome users

Some Vikings traverse the web via the rainbow-colored browser. They experienced slingshot-like movement in Valhalla. This has now been fixed.

Resolved PvP connectivity

Reports came in from a few Vikings where they weren't able to connect with the PvP battle arena at all. This is now resolved. See you in the ranked ladders, Vikings!

Fixed PvP game flow

The PvP game flow skipped certain battle elements in very specific cases. This is fixed. Vikings should once again be experiencing smooth battles in the PvP battle arena.

Interface updates

  • Font sizes have been updated for consistency purposes.

That's it for today! Please feel free to communicate with us about any issues or bugs you encounter through our community’s discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla Team