Patch Notes

Patch 0.24.0 - Heimdall ascends

Published 13 May, 2024

Greetings Vikings,

We have been very eager to share the latest updates that we have been working on. Now, we are thrilled to finally announce and release them for you to enjoy and experience. In this patch, we have updated a hand full of existing features to update their visuals and improve their user experience. Additionally, we have added a complete new section in Valhalla to will allow Vikings to make new decisions and actions. Let’s start with the new stuff!

Character Selection

Introducing the new section of Valhalla: Character Selection. As the name suggests, this feature allows Vikings to select from their created characters to continue their progress as each character has its own progression and inventory for Vikings to use. One important note to keep in mind: you can only have 1 active character! Take this into account if you have both the combat hub and the open world open.


Account linking

As promised, we are proud to introduce account linking to Valhalla. This means character data can now be transferred over from in-game wallet accounts to MetaMask/Coinbase/other browser/mobile wallet providers. Now Vikings won’t have to worry with accidentally losing their progress as they will be always be able to reimport them. And more importantly, characters can be kept in these MetaMask/Coinbase/other wallet providers, while playing on the in-game wallet due to the unique Heimdall link system.

Very Important Note!!

Previously, the Heimdall system created a wallet for you to play with. This specific wallet address was managed inside the browser. Now, Heimdall has also been ported to the game client. In this patch, you also get an account inside the game client. For returning Vikings, this means your Viking character (and all associated data) is still inside the browser Heimdall account. To access the character, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Heimdall tab.
  2. Connect your wallet provider (e.g. MetaMask).
  3. Link the browser account with your wallet provider's account using the "Request link" button.
  4. Accept the link with the "Accept" button under "Play Accounts". This transfers your Viking to your wallet provider's account.
  5. Link the in-game account with the "Link" button in the character selection screen.
  6. Accept the link with the "Accept" button under "Play Accounts".
  7. You have now successfully transferred your Viking to your wallet provider's account and linked it to play with.

New site tab

Some may have already noticed that our website has introduced a new page named Heimdall ( Here, you can connect your in-game and browser wallets and respond to link requests. To use it, simply initiate a linking request, visit the Heimdall page, and decide whether to accept or decline the request.

Updated Explorer tab

With the introduction of multiple characters per account, the explorer tab has been updated to support this feature. Now, you must first select a character, and then the system will display the Veras owned by that character.

Prevention of Multiple Logins

Thanks to the easy access to create multiple characters, we are expecting many more Vikings to appear. In preparation for this, we have implemented a new system that will prevent players from using the same character simultaneously. If you join the open world with a character that is already present, the original character will be removed from the open world.

Although it's possible for Vikings to play with different characters from the same account in the open world, this can lead to unusual results, because only a single character can be set to active. Therefore, we strongly advise against it.

Update on the [Tab] feature

This patch, we've decided to tidy up the open world user interface, as it had become too cluttered with various key bindings. We hope you enjoy the new interface. If you're unsure about the key bindings, press [Tab] to show them, or check in the Settings Menu (accessible under [TAB] and then [O]) under “Control” for additional ones.

Vera Encounter Key Bindings

For quick and easy engagement with Vera Encounters, Vikings can now interact with the notifications by simply pressing Enter. They can respond to the pop-up by pressing [Y] to fight or [N] to flee.

New Open World Vera Animations

Every Vera spawned in the open world will now be able to not only walk alongside their Vikings but also run! Observe as they go from casually walking to sprinting at full speed in an attempt to keep up with you.

Improved Loading Pop-ups

The original loading pop ups were becoming a bit repetitive, so this patch we decided to improve their visual appeal. Now, they are not only more pleasing to look at, but they also serve a clear purpose in indicating that the game is still loading.

Updated Journal

We've updated the Journal's visuals where Vikings can change their username. Although the feature has changed we decided to provide a sneak peek into what more the Journal has to offer in the future.

Bug Fixes


  • An issue with clan invitations has been resolved as the system would register the usernames as wallet addresses.


  • Marthofn continues to share the remaining time until your ship is ready.

That's all for today! While we've done our best to catch all the bugs, it's possible that a few might have slipped through. We have faith in our Vikings to help us identify and report any issues they come across. Don't hesitate to communicate with us about any problems or bugs you encounter through our community's Discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla Team