Patch Notes

Patch 0.21.0 - Enter the Dragon

Published 15 February, 2024

Greetings Vikings! We are excited to bring you some thrilling news in this latest patch. Today we are releasing a brand new version of Valhalla. A version made to include the other side of the world and allow them to experience the greatness that we are building here together. But that's not all - there is much more to explore in this patch. Read on for more details, and let the adventure begin!

Expanding our Community

We are pleased to announce the release of a Chinese version of Valhalla, available on This is in recognition of the large gaming community in China and the steady increase in our Chinese player base. Our goal is to make Valhalla more accessible and this release is a step in that direction. It ensures that our Mandarin-speaking Vikings can fully appreciate and enjoy Valhalla.

This new version also introduces some additional and modified content. It features a unique battle theme song, "Dragon’s War Dance," which players can select to enjoy during their battles with Veras. Additionally, we've updated the character models to follow a popular gaming trend in Asia.

Finally, in the new and original version, an additional language option has been added. Players can now switch between English and Simplified Chinese in the settings menu.

Flindorr learned new tricks

As promised, we have finished teaching Flindorr the new animations. Now, when earned, Flindorr will be able to perform the second animations for Win, Lose, Intro, and Taunt flawlessly.

Obelisks Fast Travel

One chilly evening in Valhalla, all obelisks on the island suddenly started glowing. There were reports of people mysteriously disappearing near the obelisks, while others appeared out of nowhere. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the obelisks have unlocked the ability to teleport people to other obelisks. So, go ahead and give it a try! Head to the nearest obelisk and interact with it to select which other obelisk you would like to teleport to by selecting the displayed name or the location shown on the map.

Minimap & compass update

The professor has decided to improve the minimap and compass devices. He believes that the current devices are too cluttered with icons, which makes it difficult for users to navigate. The new design for the compass will only display icons when the user is near the actual location. Similarly, the new design for the minimap will only display icons when the user is next to the actual location. This will allow the compass and minimap to work together more effectively. Users will use the compass to navigate to the location, and the minimap will indicate when they have reached their destination by displaying the icon at the exact location.

Website changes

The decision has been made to remove the "Whitepaper" section from the website. The information shared on this page became outdated over time due to the recent amazing updates that Valhalla experienced. The section will be added back in the near future once it has been updated.

Another outdated section was the "How to play" section. With the introduction of the new Heimdall system, many of the steps in the "How to play" section are no longer necessary. Therefore, it has been removed to prevent confusion for new players when starting to play Valhalla.

Additionally, on the "Explorer" page, we have made updates to the display of stats on the Vera NFT cards. Now, there are three different types of information related to the stats that can be obtained from there: numbers, icons, and gems.

The numbers represent the current stats of the Vera, which increase as the Vera levels up. The icons indicate which specific stat is being referred to by the numbers. And finally, our newest addition is the gem. The gem represents the rarity/level of the hidden stats that determine the amount by which the stat increases with each level. The brighter the gem, the better it is!

For minor changes, regarding the website, we have made the following updates:

  • In the "Veras" page, we removed the rune icons to avoid confusion, as Veras can have different runes.
  • We updated the Klautjasar profile in the "Veras" page to ensure consistency with the other Veras.
  • Vikings are now able to share their own “Explorer” page via a share button.
  • The front page has received a few background image updates to reflect the in-game changes.

Bug fixes

  • Taming quests now register correctly when Vikings tame a Vera
  • The correct runes for both Veras are displayed correctly on the map
  • Hushroom stops giving up during battles

That's all for today! While we've done our best to catch all the bugs, it's possible that a few might have slipped through. We have faith in our Vikings to help us identify and report any issues they come across. Don't hesitate to communicate with us about any problems or bugs you encounter through our community's Discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla Team