Patch Notes

Patch Notes 0.15.0 - New World

Published 17 August, 2023

Greetings, fellow Vikings! It has been two weeks since our last patch, and we are thrilled to unveil yet another substantial update. We have seen your adventurous spirits, witnessing your exploration not only of every corner of the land but also of the vast sea. During your voyages, it appears that you brave souls have stumbled upon something entirely novel. What might this newfound discovery be, you ask? Let's dive straight into the heart of it!

New World

Brace yourselves, valiant warriors of the North, for a new frontier awaits your unwavering courage and unyielding spirit. As the winds of destiny carry your longships across treacherous seas, a mist-shrouded land emerges. Be welcomed by a lively port where the ebb and flow of trade meet the embrace of sandy shores.

Set your path to an enchanting forest with a familiar monument embedded in the central glade or find yourself in rolling hill farmlands where the colossal carrots grown in the soil are touched by magic. Feel free to cross the bridges to enjoy the seaside on top of the half-island, a popular rest spot for all sorts of island inhabitants.

Or take a different path from the port and make your way to the cliffside village that lives by the rhythm of sea tides. Continue your adventures in the fungal labyrinth filled with eerie magic. Ascend to the platforms above the labyrinth where your survival and battle skills will be tested to the fullest. If it proves to be too dangerous to handle, you can find your way back to the hill farms through a cave in the mountain, but be sure not to anger those who live there.

If adventuring gets tiresome, retreat to a famous Viking hangout spot. With Vera Daycare and the stage set up, it's a perfect place to spend your time with fellow Vikings and leave your worries behind.

Easter Monument

Embrace the unveiling of a majestic monument on our new level, adorned with the names of triumphant players who reigned supreme in the Easter event challenge, leaving an indelible mark upon the tapestry of our Viking realm's saga.

NPC interactions

Engage with the denizens of the new Norse realm like never before! Approach NPCs, press the key E, and unveil their tales. Narratives become your guide, etching legends in their wake. Skål to the profound art of attentive listening!

Easier approval overview

Back in the new village, you can find an old friend who can make your adventures through Valhalla swifter by taming the Meta Fox. Talk to him to let him know which ventures you want to rush to head-on, and which you would like to consider just for a second. Now you can view an overview of which token permissions are given to whom, and easily assign or revoke them.


Unfurl your destiny as a Viking warrior beyond compare! Behold the global PVP ELO rating leaderboard by pressing 'L' on your keyboard. Join the ranks of Viking warriors, and let your name resonate among the gods themselves.

Quality of life updates to emotes/emojis

No longer shall the whims of fate rebind your emotes! Behold, the emote wheel now elegantly displays the keyboard mappings for each emote, ensuring your chosen expressions remain steadfast, even through the harshest of battles.

The realm now echoes with your newfound power to interrupt ongoing emotes. Should the urge to paint the air with another tale of jest or triumph arise, a simple command shall silence the current emote, allowing the stage for a fresh story to unfold. Your command, your timing, your saga.

Like an empty parchment awaiting the quill's flourish, the emote wheel slots can now be cleared, creating a blank canvas for your creative whims. Rotate through our vast emote repertoire and tailor your wheel to the ebb and flow of your Viking journey.

With a touch of Norse magic, the summoning and dismissing of the emote wheel customization UI now flows seamlessly. Experience a natural transition, a gateway to the myriad expressions that now stand at your fingertips.

Daily quests update

Unveiling a seamless blend of combat and tasks, the "Combat at Hand" screen now proudly displays your daily quests, ensuring valor and objectives march hand in hand as you etch your saga into the realm. Wonders don’t stop there, improvements to quests can be

In-game settings save

Witness permanence as your customized settings are now preserved, ensuring your uniquely crafted experience remains steadfast in the ever-unfolding saga.

That's all for today! While we've done our best to catch all the bugs, it's possible that a few might have slipped through. We have faith in our Vikings to help us identify and report any issues they come across. Don't hesitate to communicate with us about any problems or bugs you encounter through our community's Discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla Team