Patch Notes

Patch Notes 0.14.0 - Runix

Published 27 July, 2023

Greetings Vikings! Today marks a beginning of a new chapter in our Valhalla Journey. This patch will transform the game as you know, and we are very excited to show you Vikings what this game can and will become! Without further ado, let's jump into the patch notes!

Earn more Runix

The currency of Valhalla, known as Runix, has begun to expand significantly! The locals have now fully embraced Runix as their primary form of currency. As a result, Runix can be used to purchase various items from the shop, and Vikings can also sell their own items at the shop to earn more Runix. Additionally, Runix can now be earned by completing the newly implemented Daily Quests, providing even more opportunities to accumulate this valuable currency!

Time for shopping

The shop is finally open for business! Vikings can purchase whatever they want from the shop. This means everyone must hand in their free coupons for unlimited potions. But fear not, for if you need more potions, the shop has them! Require additional amulets? No worries, Vikings won’t have to make the heartbreaking decision of releasing their Madhattr. Instead, Vikings can now head over to the shop to purchase some extra amulets!

Help Wanted

The people of Valhalla are in need of your help! Numerous quests of great importance and responsibility have emerged throughout the land. Each day, Vikings will have three quests to undertake and complete. Your task is to assist the locals, enhance their quality of life, and bask in the satisfaction of their rewards! Who will be the first to complete them all?

Emotes and Emojis

With the introduction of the Emote Wheel, an increase of new options joins! Numerous additional Emotes have been included for you to relish and utilize in the vast Open World. Furthermore, we are delighted to present the Emoji feature, enabling players to showcase an emoji above their characters' heads. Although only a few basic emojis have been incorporated for now, rest assured that more will be added in the future. Head over to the to discover these new toys yourself.

Communication is key

To successfully complete quests together, effective communication is essential. This is where the new Emote & Emojis Wheel becomes crucial! By simply holding down the [T] button, the Wheel will pop up, giving you the freedom to choose from a variety of your favorite Emotes and Emojis. To make a selection, hover your mouse over the desired Emote or Emoji and then release the [T] button. Alternatively, each slot in the wheel is also linked to hotkeys! Starting from the top (12 o'clock) and moving clockwise, you can press the numbers 1 to 12.

Upon first use, the Wheel may appear empty. No worries! To customize your Emote Wheel, press the [Y] button, which will open up a customizer. From there, you can easily click and drag your preferred Emotes and/or Emojis directly into the wheel.

Thankfully, these buttons have been added to display at the bottom left of the Journal. So, if you ever forget, just head over to the Journal and get a refresher.

Permission please

You have already experienced the presence of the mysterious fox, "Metamask," seeking your permission during certain actions. Moving forward, the fox will also require your consent before using potions in PvE. Similar to the permission needed for the amulet, Valhalla must have access to your potions in combat, as using a potion will require its removal from your inventory.

New tunes

We have altered some sound effects, both new and old, to enhance that satisfying feeling. Completing quests will be even more rewarding, as you'll be treated to an amazing tune that you won't be able to resist! Furthermore, certain emotes now come with accompanying sounds, adding a whole new level of immersion to your gaming experience.

New camera angle

We have made the decision to increase the distance of the third-person camera from the character. This enhancement will not only allow players to see more in general and feel less constrained but also provide a clearer view of your own emojis. Embrace this improved perspective as you delve into the game and enjoy the enriched visual experience!

Bug fixes

  • The paint from when the locals were playfully painted by mischievous Vera in Patch 0.11.0 has finally been completely washed out.
  • Weapon of Return would lose control when thrown however after some adjustments to the hammer the Bigghaer can use it again without worry.
  • Due to Igby’s size, they had an unfair advantage of being able to fly away while Snared. This has been resolved.
  • Some Wild Hushrooms were very eager to battle, maybe a bit too eager. Due to their default slow and relaxed nature, their new eagerness caused them to panic and freeze. After some mental training, the Hushroom are ready for battle again.

That's all for today! While we've done our best to catch all the bugs, it's possible that one or more might have slipped through. We have faith in our Vikings to help us identify and report any issues they come across. Don't hesitate to communicate with us about any problems or bugs you encounter through our community's Discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla Team