Patch Notes

Patch Notes 0.11.0 - Hermod ascends

Published 26 May, 2023

Greetings Vikings, We’re thrilled to announce a new patch that brings back some familiar features that the community has already experienced during the Easter event. For a detailed understanding of these features, we kindly invite you to refer to the past Easter event patch notes.

An important note for this patch is that we have received Hermod's blessings. This results in better speeds in the game client! But wait, there's more... Continue reading to discover some completely new features included in this patch:

Performance Optimizations

Get ready to dive into the game with improved responsiveness and more seamless gameplay that will enhance your overall enjoyment.

Settings Menu

You can personalize the game according to your gameplay preferences. Customize its appearance, sound, and controls, making it truly your own. Unfortunately, the settings will not be saved once disconnected, but this feature will come in the near future.

New Vera Portraits

It's picture day once again! With the new generation of cameras, we can now capture the details of the rune patterns on each Vera. Take a closer look and see if you can spot all the unique patterns.

Veras have joined!

We’re happy to announce the arrival of the two familiar Veras, Bigghaer and Klautjásar, in the Open World! However, we must warn you that Bigghaer, with its elusive nature, will be an exceptionally rare and challenging find. Stay vigilant and embark on the hunt!

Visual Updates

We're delighted to announce some exciting visual changes in our latest update! Here are the key enhancements you can expect to see:

  • Shop Building: The shop building has undergone a stunning makeover with vibrant colors and intricate details.
  • Wooden objects: All wooden platforms and objects have been remade with fresh wood to liven up the atmosphere.
  • Clock Tower: Prepare to be amazed by the repainted clock tower! With amazing accuracy and attention to detail, the clock tower now stands as a magnificent centerpiece in the town.

Important Announcement:

  • While we understand your eagerness to utilize Bigghaer in PvP battles, we suggest refraining from using them. Bigghaer isn’t mentally or physically ready to battle as they are still drowsy from the hard work they produced in the Easter Event.
  • In a hilarious turn of events, it seems that a mischievous Vera “accidentally” painted some residents of Valhalla white while they were sleeping!
  • Due to an experimental mead distributed in taverns, players may temporarily encounter whimsical shadowy rings around their character, but rest assured, you can merrily ignore these fleeting spectacles as they won't hamper your gameplay!

That's it for today! Please feel free to communicate with us about any issues or bugs you encounter through our community’s discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla Team