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Patch Notes

Patch Notes 0.2.0


Hello again Vikings! We are here this time to give you very exciting news. With this new patch we are including new features in the game, some big changes to the combat, and fixing some bugs. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Introducing a new Vera!

We are introducing a new Vera into the game. That’s right, from now on you have the option to take our dear Húshroom into battle and test the first three of their abilities:

To get to know Húshroom better, go check out their description in the Vera page of the website.

New Additions to the Combat

General Fixes

Well, that was a ride. A lot of new things are being added to the game and nice fixes were introduced to improve your gaming experience. We hope you enjoy these new features in Valhalla and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Please feel free to communicate with us any other issues or bugs you encounter through our community’s discord:

Until next time!

The Valhalla team