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Patch Notes

Release Notes


Welcome to Valhalla and thank you for joining us. Our game is slowly but steadily growing and it is finally time to get feedback from our amazing vikings.

Here is what you should expect in the game:

Two Veras: Bjørn and Madhattr

Bjørn Abilities: Roar, Double Claw, Trap, Knock-up

Madhattr Abilities: Arcane Missile, Arcane Bomb, Redirect, Teleport

Runes: Hail, Nature and Sun; each with a unique ability

Two potions: Healing and Charge

Map Shrinking at rounds 10, 15 and 18

Personalities: Shy, Seriousness, and Aggressive

Adaptive Music (Including but not limited to)

We are still going through the process of making this vision come true and understand that this will be a bumpy road. We are hoping that we could work together and find the bugs and errors. For now, you can expected the following issues in the game:

If you find any other bugs, errors, or issues please do not hesitate to inform us. You can join the Valhalla discord server to contact us and stay in contact with the community.

Discord invite: