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The Real Beginning


Once upon a time, when nothing existed, the universe consisted of an immense and sacred ash tree called Yggdrasil. This sacred tree was surrounded by the vast and endless void, Ginnungagap. In the void, magic, commonly called seiðr, existed and created the first two realms, Niflheim and Muspelheim.

All realms are unified through the roots of Yggdrasil, including the other realms that were later created with the body of Ymir. The same seiðr that created the first two realms forged a being called Floki Inu, which resided in an undiscovered realm now known as Veraheim. Floki Inu wanted to discover everything about this realm, so for centuries he wandered through all the woods, mountains, seas, and skies until he knew everything like the palm of his hand. They believed that this realm was ready for life, so Floki Inu asked the gods and giants to help him but was quickly rejected by both. Yet, Loki got word of Floki Inu’s plan and became interested, so he decided to teach Floki Inu a way to create life by altering inanimate objects.

For months Floki Inu practised this technique to perfection, creating many sorts of creatures, all unique with different natures and personalities. These creatures were later on named Vera and roam freely all around Veraheim. While Floki Inu was training, the other realms grew tireless and wanted to wage war on the great nine realms however knew this would be impossible without help. They came up with a plan to trick Floki Inu into giving them the Vera as guardians for protection against evil forces. Odin learned of this treachery and immediately retaliated by cutting down the roots connecting these realms to Yggdrasil, releasing them into Ginnungagap. Freya knew about the deception that Floki Inu fell for and stopped Odin from cutting its root completely, saving Veraheim. The damaged root caused the realm to drift further from Yggdrasil and make it nearly impossible for anyone to reach Asgard from Veraheim.

Odin only allows the strongest and smartest vikings to enter Veraheim, giving them trusty Vera companions to go through battles and become stronger together. Your goal is to gain as much experience as you can to become the smartest and strongest Viking.

“I am a Viking! From the moment you join this community you become part of the Viking Family. We don’t judge or discriminate, we’re connected by the fact that we are all gamers by heart.” ~Mrbrownwhale

Valhalla is a strategy game that requires continuous thinking and future predictions. It’s a real-time turn based game where your opponent and yourself move at the same time. Before each battle, make sure to choose your Vera and abilities from your arsenal. When you are ready to play you are presented with a hexagonal grid arena. Starting from opposite sides, your opponent and yourself have five actions to choose from every turn: attack with an ability, move to a possible hexagon, use a potion, skip, or surrender. Your aim is to defeat the other Vera by reducing their health to zero. If you win you will gain experience, levelling up your Vera. You will gain rewards depending on level including abilities, animations, sounds, and extra stats allocations.

“Our goal is to find a new way for others to earn a living. We wanted to show that NFT’s aren’t just JPEGs and can be so much more. This is why we are trying our best to make a successful blockchain game that will be fun and innovative.” ~Jackie

Valhalla uses an adaptive music approach to maximise the player experience. Based on the state of the game, the music adapts in a vertical way; adding new musical layers. This interactive way of approach makes every state of the game slightly unique. With the random scattered layers on top of the base loop, it gives an even more interesting texture every time you play. This way, you experience slight differences even when thinking about your next move.

Besides the original battle loop, players can earn new battle songs when progressing through your Vera levels. This way you can choose your favourite song that gets you in the mood for battle.

The music, sound design, abilities and UI sounds have viking-like characteristics. It’s a remarkable mix between real live recordings and digital plugins. The combination of both gives an authentic but modern experience.

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