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Valhalla is a play-to-earn NFT metaverse game that will be powered by the $FLOKI token. On mainnet, users would have to hold a certain amount of FLOKI in their wallet to make a character playable. Users will also be able to earn FLOKI tokens for battling.

Everything that you obtain in the metaverse is yours to own and to sell as you please.

Welcome to floki island

You as a player have just come of age. The Viking way of life begins. You begin your journey on Floki Island. The island is home to all beginning players, a few NPCs, and key buildings

In addition, the island has several wildlife areas where players can encounter certain Vera and areas where players can make use of the gardening system.


Valhalla is a turn-based combat game that focuses on testing your tactical abilities. Apart from utilizing your Vera's magical abilities to damage your opponent, outwitting them on a tactical level is a key component in determining the outcome of a battle.

Every decision, step and turn counts. So make sure you plan your every move and predict your opponent's actions.


As a Valhalla Viking, you will not be sitting idle on the island you first explore. After acquiring a ship, you set out to not just explore but also raid various areas, either alone or with your clan.

Take over islands, strike neutral or rival clans, and find your place in the power hierarchy of the world.


Cultivating resources is one of our favorite pastimes in games, and it will remain one in Valhalla.

We can't give you much info yet on what type of farming you will be able to do in-game, but know that it's both familiar and (very) unfamiliar to types of resource cultivation games you already know.


Players will be able to create, join and hang out within these communities and of course, there will be a competitive element between different clans. This will include some very interesting blockchain mechanics, and is scheduled for release soon.


A role-playing game is not complete without quests! Yet, blockchain allows us to add unique world interactions by setting up the quest logic as smart contracts. Individual, party, community and world quests, do look forward to them!


Resource gathering and cultivation would not be complete without a crafting system. There are many possible components, accessories and items that can be crafted. Each with their own use in (and outside) of the game. Everything that can be crafted is also tokenised, be it fungible or non-fungible (NFT).

Genesis NFT

This rare set consists of Ruby, Diamond, Silver and Bronze varieties, with Ruby and Diamond sharing the highest possible tier in terms of utility. Holding a Genesis NFT gives you access to presales, discounts, early game access and much more.

News & Updates

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Patch 0.24.0 - Heimdall ascends
Patch Notes

Patch 0.24.0 - Heimdall ascends

Published 13 May, 2024
Patch 0.23.0 - Preparing Vikings
Patch Notes

Patch 0.23.0 - Preparing Vikings

Published 3 April, 2024
Patch 0.22.0 - Ships & docks
Patch Notes

Patch 0.22.0 - Ships & docks

Published 26 February, 2024

Alpha release

You will be entering one of the first metaverses which is actually designed to be a fun game instead of just another virtual representation of the real world.

Intense music, entertaining gameplay and amazing visuals will allow you to fell part of the magical world of valhalla. Together, with your unique vera, you will be able to beat any opponent that comes your way

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